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oodles of doodles 8D

Another doodlepost, hooray! As if I ever post anything else but doodles. Hurrhurr.

First, have some sort of a Valentine's follow-up. Charlie and Kieran dealt with their little "Zombies interrupted our date!" problem (you know how often this happens, right?) and now they FINALLY have time for each other! D'aw! I love them so much. :3

Then, there's James again. But he's certainly not a nice guy. Don't let him fool you!

Some Holly sketches. The left one is her in my sorta-chibi-cutie-style (I love drawing like this!), the one in the middle is a sloppy sketch and the right one is an attempt to draw her in history clothes. I chose the 1940's fashion for her because I think it'd suit her very well! Those styles were incredibly feminine and elegant and while I don't picture Holly being actually THAT elegant, she's certainly feminine with her curvy figure! :)

I have been neglecting my older bunch of characters SO badly which sort of gave people the impression that they're minor characters. Which they're not. At least not Luke and Adrian. I love those two like BURNING, they have this rad, epic bromance going on and their friendship survived many things over all those years.

The point is... I suck at drawing any person that's older than 30. xD But I had to try anyway and I'm quite statisfied with how Luke turned out and the sketch of Adrian isn't too bad, either, sooo... yay?

That's it again! Love you, folks! You know I do! Sadly, I can't do the 3-hearts here because blogspots thinks that they're attempts of writing some HTML. Fail, blogspot.