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just a little sumpin' sumpin'

Happy Valentine's Day! 8D

I know it's still a little time until Valentine's but when I put this up NOW, I make sure that I won't forget it. xD

Because everybody knows that a normal date can only be topped by a normal date with ZOMBIES! <3

I love Charlie and Kieran. I could ramble about their future relationship now but I won't because - again - I don't want to tie myself down to anything. :D I just love to imagine that they actually pull through this first official date before they do ANYTHING else. Like "Okay... we kind of like each other more than normal friends do, let's go on a date!" ... sometimes, I just like it classy and old-fashioned! 8D

It's only a thought, though. :3


odd couples are the best

Well, actually, James and Holly aren't a couple but I admit that I am quite obsessed with their dynamic lately and I MAY have been thinking about them a LOT more than it's actually healthy. So... well... just some doodles about them. There will be even more, I guess.

Some general, shitty traditional media doodles 8D
From top to bottom:

- Holly threatening a person with a wooden spoon.

- Holly snatched James' glasses from him and is quite surprised about how bad his eyesight really is.

- The two of them in casual outfits.

- Charlie being tactless and WAY too curious. xD

Remember my New Years drawing? Well, I've attended the party in my mind and came up with this thing here...
James is totally drinking "Foster's", by the way. Not only because he's Australian but also because it's one of MY favourites. Besides Astra Rotlicht. 8D

Aaaaand a little portrait of James, looking all cute and harmless, at least to most people. I know about the little wars in his head, though, so he can't fool me. 8D

Why is the blogspot HTML soooo complicated now? It used to be easier. o_O


some pictures...

... before going to bed.

Oops. I've kind of forgotten that I own this thing here, lol. Too busy with DeviantArt and my LiveJournal, I guess. 8D

BUT. I'm "back", with some drawn crap. Not for YOU, actually, but for ME. But you can have a look at it, too. 8D *cough*

First of all, a true masterpiece. Because Phil aka =MrPuddleduck stated in one of her comments, that Kieran has been born with sunglasses.

We stay in Ireland for one more minute and witness grown-up Kieran and his older brother Malachy being badass chainsmokers. BECAUSE THEY CAN! C: I'd say more to all of this but I already wrote some sort of a novel on that over at DeviantArt and I really hate repeating myself. xD
The Streets are Ours (Inspired by a song from "The King Blues". :D )

Another song-inspired drawing, featuring Charlie this time.

Then, there's Holly, being her cute self and biting her lip.

Sometimes, I think about my characters as kids and how they react to kids as grown-ups. And there's one thing I just can't deny or change or WHATEVER...
James is SO NOT A DAD!
Seriously. No. Just no. He hates kids. Well... not "hates"... he strongly dislikes them. He wants them to be treated well and certainly wouldn't harm them but they're really not his cup of tea. Absolutely NOT. 8|

More kid-themed sketches... klick!
That's not Kieran's own kid on his shoulders, btw. He just borrowed one of his nephews to cause some mischief. Because - believe it or not - he IS a dad. :D Not now, not in the next few years but I can totally imagine it. Just make Charlie like you already and you can have your own family, boy.

And ... the last one for this evening... another poor comic thingy.

About hookers and pimps....

This is actually some sort of a prequel to an awesome thing Phil gave me for my birthday. 8D So... consider this here as PART 2 of the story! xD

Ugh. Tired. Sorry for bothering you! 8D


looooong post with a lot of blabbering

Happy New Year, y'all! *throws confetti*

So, I only have a few little things today but one of them only works with a lot of written information. xD It's a meme on DeviantArt and while most people there know what it is, it might happen that people who come across here don't.

Meme: Some thing containing some random questions about a fandom/your own characters/whatever. You fill out the answers in an artistic way. Like, you don't just write it down, you draw it out. :D

Well, for this one here I wasn't required to draw, I simply had to put in headshots of my people but STILL! Pictures. 8D

So here it is... ... and here's the information. xD Copied from DA because I'm lazy.

After I saw this popping up in the Daily Deviations some days ago I decided to do it. It's an awesome meme for lazybums like me because you're not required to draw new stuff for it. :D

This goes pretty much without saying. I'll say something anyway. Because you know how much I love blabbering around randomly. ;D

If you want to skip, skip ahead. 8D

The Oldest: My oldest character is definately Luke. And I love how he has been in a completely different universe when I first made him up (which was when I was 13 or 14 :D). His outer appearance and personality never have changed much, though, and he has always been German and a young dad, too. :D
One could say that Charlie could be the oldest, too, but I'm just being logic here. Without Luke, there wouldn't even BE a Charlie. xD

The Newest: That would be Holly, I guess. :) I made her up ... two years ago or so? So she really IS quite new. And she started out as a tattoo artist, actually, but I quickly changed my mind since I thought it was neater to have her in college with Charlie.

The Nice: I have several nice characters, like Anna or Luke or Jordan but I went for Charlie with this one because she's just so genuinely kind. :3 She's always eager to help and really... cares for the people around her without expecting anything in return. She's the rabbit in front of the snake, being all like "Wanna be friends? :D" and she never regrets being nice like that. Because regardless of how much people played on her in the past - it's the good experiences that matter to her. :)

The Naughty: Not really surprising, huh? Without going into depth that much, I can state that Kieran IS kind of the "Bad Boy" out of my bunch even though he's a cop and a really good person at heart. His mission statement is pretty much "The end justifies the means." and if guaranteeing a "Happy End" means that he has to break some other people's limbs on his way, he'll do it. Without complaint. :| He's a hot-headed Irishman, full of spirits. He attracts trouble. He causes trouble. Always has, always will.

The Surprising: Definately James. :D Lookit his cute face. Would you expect the constant cussing and the unfriendly-ness? Guess not. But now, that you've met him, you think you know everything about him, hm? You're wrong. Just when you think he's gotten all predictable to you, he'll do something totally un-james-y. Of course he has some significant character traits and his overall personality is also quite obvious. But there will always be situations in which he'll surprise you. In positive as well as in negative ways.

The Conventional: Hm. I would say that all of my characters are quite conventional, actually. Some of them are even a little cliché. Won't deny that. :D But I chose Anna, because she's probably the most normal out of my bunch, despite her esoteric touch. She lives in her nice and little flat, goes to work every morning and comes home in the evening. On the weekends, she's hanging out with her friends and sometimes, when she spots a nice looking man in a club, she takes him home with her. Her life is quite simple and while she admits that it could be a little more exciting from time to time, she actually likes it this way.

The Easy-To-Create: Definately Nick. Because, basically, he's my beer-drinking, article-writing, greek manself. :D Well no, not really. But close. I didn't intend to create him like this, though. He merely grew into that. Anyway, he has always been quite approachable to me, so he's here. :D

The Difficult-To-Create: Well, that has to be Jordan. It's not that I spent ages and eternities with creating her. It's just... well. The difficult thing about her is that she's supposed to be a strong and independent woman. But I have met female characters in TV, movies and literature who were supposed to be like this but actually, they were just bitches, non-credible wannabe-badass mofos, scary and man-hating feminists or these annoying Bridget-Jones (*)-"I totally don't need a man but my life's all about finding one!"-type of women and I hate those. And I certainly didn't want that for her. Jordan is proud but she doesn't mind doing the laundry at home. She's independent but she loves Luke and that he's with her and she certainly doesn't want to lose him. She's strong but she will never be afraid of letting out her emotions, even if it's kinda subtle. When she made a mistake, she will admit it and work on it. She has been snotty when she first met Luke but he basically told her off and she just accepted that she was wrong about him. And she'll never be like "I'm the woman, I'll make the terms!" Not even in a funny way.

Preferred Deviation: I still really like this one featuring Kieran. It's just so... him. The body-language, the catch-phrase, the expression. I'm also quite fond of the whole style I used in this (and the other ones of this little "series") and it's one of the few works in my gallery I can look at months after creating and still be like "Hey, neat! :D". /end of self-aggrandisement

Failed Deviation: While I keep saying that I hate my work and it's boring and that I fail and blaaaah blaaaah blaaaaah, I really couldn't find a piece among my OC deviations that pissed me off THAT much so I'd call it a "failure". xD I don't upload complete failures. I like at least one or two things in my pictures. xD So I chose my MSPaint drawing of James because it's some sort of a technical failure. 8|

OC I'd love to have created: Unless you've been living under a rock the last years, you all should know Jenny St.James by :devlily-fox:. How can I say this without sounding too blatant about it? Well, I can't. I fucking love her. I rarely see characters with THAT much thought and love put into. I love seeing Jenny interact with her different boyfriends and I love seeing her evolve. She's definately one hell of a character.

Duo of OCs I'd love to have created: Actually, I'd love to have created ANY character of Tessa's but I had to choose a duo and the only real DUO that appears and acts like a duo is supposed to (at least so far) are Casimiro and Finas. And I love them both so much. :D They have a great dynamic and I think they work best when the other one's around. :D

That's it, folks. :D I had fun with this. <3 And it kind of makes me want to do MOAR memes. :D YAY FOR MEMES! <3

I hope it's okay that I have used the creator's original pieces for the last two parts. I thought it's supposed to be this way, that you choose deviations of them to display here.
What I want to say is that I DID NOT DRAW THESE! Under no circumstance I'm claiming these as my own and I'm doing nothing with them but loving and showing them.

They're these pictures here, go and check them out. klick and klick

Not mine. Theirs.

I'm writing this because I know how stupid and nitpicky people can be. Freaking out over nothing at all and being all bitchy. But if it's really not okay to show them here, I'd be happy to remove them. :) Because I don't want to harm anyoooone. :iconimhappyplz:

* The "Bridget Jones" movies are actually guilty pleasures of mine and I really enjoy them but still. ;D She really IS an annoying character when I think about it but she's still kind of lovable to me.


Well, that was kind of a mouthful, right? Sorry for that. Maybe you have been smart and skipped the whole thing. xD

Then I have some little, slightly pervy but cute thing featuring James and Holly. No, not about them together. Just the two of them. xD I... don't want to say too much about it, actually. :| I DON'T EVEN KNOW, OKAY!?

Look how creative Holly has been...

AND a New Year's thing. :D Just something tiny and extremely scribbly.


Charlie tried to make a nice impression of Lady Gaga, James discovered his inner rockstar and Holly's hair decided to throw a party on it's own. :D

Love you all a lot! <3