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... by the beautiful and ubertalented JAK! 8D

rainbows, pots of gold and a dead leprechaun

I'm, like, the happiest person on earth because I adored her works and her lolworthy webcomic "Insane Yeti Squirrel" for such a long time now and having drawn something by this person just for ME makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. HGNGH!

Also, have some crappy art of this character, drawn by yours truly. It looks plain and ugh besides the one above. 8|




Have a tiny little something, praising the wonderful season that is autumn.

a very platonic date

Huge file is huge again.

I looooooove thinking about Charlie's and James' relationship. The actual one they HAD and the friendly one they have now. Actually they're not on a real date here since they're not a couple anymore BUT they get along really well as BFF and sometimes, Charlie just drags James along and talks him into things she knows he secretly enjoys. Like going out on a chilly day just to walk a while and have a nice little chit chat.

She talked him into a lot of things, actually. And still does. For some reason, he just puts up with her crap. Well. He loves her, after all. :3

And another little thing with Holly and Charlie, who are great friends, too. They met when they both started college and it was... kind of love at first sight, lol. They're also sharing a flat. :D

mhm really

Later! :D



Haha, no, no changes again.

This here will stay a while. I'm just currently making up some tags and trying to get a bit more structure into the whole damn thing. Also, the header shall be changed soon, I just made it as a temporary solution.

I'm planning to do some character sheets and to sum up the basic information for each person. AND I want to explore their relationships a little more. Funny how I'm having these guys for ages now and still, I'm learning new things about them every day.

Also, I want to draw all of my characters in this kinda cute style of mine. Why? Because I can.

Huge image is huge


So. This City Sucks.

I have decided that this blog shall from now on contain any updates of my beloved original characters in my original universe which has the working title "This City Sucks".

It might be not interesting to YOU but I reallyreallyreally want a place for my fellas,. A place where I can explore them and their world a little more. And I will see where it leads. Maybe I'll even start a webcomic one day, haha. :D

But for now, just have some apparently random people interacting randomly in random places on random occasions. Yaay! :D