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...and a little post before entering 2011!

I only have silly doodles, I am so very sorry. :D

AND I have been in a Charlie/Kieran mood lately. I still am. I love thinking about them and how they finally end up together YEARS later. :D So have some doodles of them...

sketchdump galore ... just for fun. Nothing particularly romantic or such, just the two of them interacting. :D

Sinkin' Soon ... heavily inspired by the song from Norah Jones, which is pure awesome. Listen! It's not the lyrics that remind me of them but the overall tune. I don't know what it is, though. But it's there. :D

Then I have this poor attempt of drawing my boy James in MS Paint. I gave up after a few minutes. I'll never be as good as Meg. D: Well, he looks appropriately pissed/smug/pouty so I decided to share the doodle anyway. xD

Then I have Charlie and Holly playing New Super Mario Bros on their Wii and James joins them and hours later, he's completely lost it. :| No 1ups left!

And finally, I've decided to color the scribbles of Anna, Jordan and Nick I did in one of my sketchdumps before. If I do a few more of these, namely Adrian, Holly and Luke (and probably another James because the only one I have in this style of him is the one where he's beaten up xD) I could use them for character sheets maybe. Who knows! :D

That's it for now! If we don't meet again before 2011 I wish you all the best! :D <3


little post before Christmas...

... though it hasn't anything to do with Christmas at all.

I just have a nice little portrait of Charlie and some crappy little sketches containing some character information and my manself. xD

Merry Christmas to everybody! <3


long time no post

... I have to change that, so prepare for some dump that I did over the past weeks. :D

A header-thing I did for my DeviantArt blog... but I don't think I'll use it because, basically, it sucks. :D

Holly in the kitchen One of Charlie's countless snapshots.

Some proof that James HAS facial expressions besides "bored", "pissed" and "smug". :|

James' first serious crush was a girl named Meg. But it never happened. *sigh*

Kieran is the worst host ever because he never has food at home. But his female pickups won't care anyway, because they're gone long before breakfast. ;D

Being an original Australian kid, James isn't used to creepy and cold stuff like snow and ice. 8| Actually, he has never seen those until he was fifteen.

Holly's wardrobe, Part I Just a few clothes for Holly. :3

Holly is tiny but that's alright. Though, that's one of the reasons why she shouldn't end up with James ... she couldn't even REACH him without climbing onto a ladder. 8| But then again, he could carry her around all the time. Wait, did I say that out loud?

Some general dump... not in the mood to explain them all. Go to my DevArt page, I did it over there. :3

Love you, my almost non-existant readers! <3


silly post is silly

Silly character art, yaaaay! 8D

Holly loves cooking ... and cupcakes! 8D

Kieran loves Lucky Charms ... 'course he does. He's irish.

Holly feeds James ... because he's too skinny. 8I

That's it. :|