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My boys were out and about today. Having fun. Well, at least Kieran had fun. James was kinda p.o.'d. 8D

"killing in the name of"

That's it for today.


doodles again

I really need to think of some more creative titles for my entries.


But well. Who cares. I have some doodles again. 8D

"Rabid fangirls Zombies attacked me!" Poor James.
"You sure, me pretty?" Kieran knows he's hot stuff.

SECRET ALLIANCE OF DOOM Some kind of poster. I think it's cute. :|

"You're SO cute when you're mad!" Been thinking about the James/Holly friendship a LOT lately. One of their moments. Holly does respect him but here he has just been a drama queen and no one can take those seriously. :|

I'm working on the "Eight Character Facts" thing for all of my dudes. Well, at least for my current bunch of faves. Will probably post these here soon. :) Just to get it out of the system.

Also, I'm working on a soundtrack for my bunch of weirdos. I'm influenced by music a LOT, so... this is kind of inevitable.

Bye bye! :D



My beautiful and extremely sexy gal pal Meg drew mah James! 8D I can't tell how much I love her for THIS and sooooo many other things!

Beautiful freak ahead!

Hgnnnh! Off, vanishing into a pink glittery cloud again.



I've made some facebooks for three of my babies. :| Because I am a retard with too much time on my hands. But also because it's fun and it helps me getting into their characters a little more. I already know them really well but it's different actually... BEING them.


Have their profile pictures. 8D

Holly never takes herself too seriously, she's fooling around and doing the epic "strand of hair as moustache" thing. <3

Charlie is just sweet as always.

James once did this photoshoot with Charlie who was testing out her new camera (again, she's really good at talking him into things) and after she changed his looks a bit and played around with the light settings, he was quite overwhelmed by how dapper he can actually look. 8D He prefers his usual looks, though, 'cause he's not comfortable with looking handsome. :| Damn.

Kieran will probably get one, too, but he won't be around much because he's quite busy and he hates wasting time with internet and stuff. 8|

Also, I overpainted my sketch of Holly.


Bye for now! :3


some unfinished stuff...

... but first of all, some Sims crap again. I am addicted to this game. Always was, always will be.

Don't drink too much, my boy.
Not a couple anymore, but obviously still having their moments :B
It's official - my girls love gaming o_O

I love how my characters are real people, even as sims. xD

I don't plan a comeback for Charlie/James, not at all. You don't need to be a couple to have your loving moments. And some occasional relapses. o_O
Charlie will move on and have some new love interests. :3

On to silly art.

Talking about Charlie and James... and the days when they actually WERE a couple.
Save the world, James.
Because he might be snarky, feisty and an ass BUT he's a man after all. Well, a boy back then. :| (They're around 16 here.) Did this after Meg and I fooled around in my DA-Journal-Comments. :|

An unfinished doodle of Charlie being... well... very charlie-ish.

Some sketchy and unfinished portraits of the girls

silly stuff
Kieran pretending to be the Lord of the Dance and Holly and James being the "Secret Alliance of DOOM". Heh. Yeah.

I'm off! <3


just something tiny...

... two little doodles, together in one file. :D I love letting my characters interact with each other. xD

Farrah Fawcett Lookalike

Getting in the groove again after being uninspired for quite a while. :D


snazzy time

That's right. Cute style and snazzy outfits are always a neat combination. :D

So, have my current FabFour in color AND in b/w. :D

Charlie's necklace IS a hint, btw, while the matching skulls on Holly's cane/James' belt are just coincidence. :D

Lol, I also figured that this is the place for my sims photos of this bunch. Yeah, I'm retarded and have no life. I could do some vandalism outside but this here is much less dangerous, so... it's a win/win situation, isn't it? My neigbours won't get hurt and I won't get in trouble. <3

James loves reading and literally blowing things up. :| Don't know where he got that from but since the option is there, I could as well as use it from time to time. JUST BECAUSE I CAN. I mean... HE can. Whatever. I love how he was all whiny and "AAAARGH NO! D:" after blowing up his kitchen table and everything else caught fire. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT, YOU MORON!? Children are not supposed to play with fire.

EDIT: LOL! I regret to inform you that James has passed away today. He managed to blow himself up while he was working. :| *minute of silence*

I have to create a new one, lol. xD

Charlie and Holly, on the other hand, are totally girly. You know, chatting (about some absolutely random irish dude here), dancing and... whut? Playing video games!? That's not girly at all. But they have fun, so I let them be. Maybe they'll turn into Gamer Chicks, who knows. ;D

That's it for today! Love you all! <3


oodles of doodles

As the title says. Some doodles of some of my peeps. I'm having a Charlie-Holly-Kieran-James phase, love them most at the moment. :3

Portraits of my boys are here

Irish man smoking

Australian man smiling (RARE! xD)

AND a little doodle of Charlie and Kieran in random danger is here

Holy godmother of fuck, what is THAT?

I love playing around with those two and even if I haven't planned ANYTHING out in particular, plot-wise, I can actually confirm those two together as "canon". :D Because they always had chemistry in my head and probably ever will. I love thinking about it and it's actually never been a big secret, haha. They might need their time, though. Well... dunno. Just wanted to mention that. :D
(Just in case: Sorry Andi, she's practically taken. xD)

Also, I'm considering making some character sheets. Could look like this... still fiddling around with layout 'n stuff but I will definately go for something in this direction.

Because everyone with OCs does these...

In other news: I've been to the dentist today because I couldn't take the pain anymore and it was HORRIBLE! ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. Without any warning. Blergh! Well, at least I have some painkillers. :3

Goodnight! <3