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just a little sumpin' sumpin'

Happy Valentine's Day! 8D

I know it's still a little time until Valentine's but when I put this up NOW, I make sure that I won't forget it. xD

Because everybody knows that a normal date can only be topped by a normal date with ZOMBIES! <3

I love Charlie and Kieran. I could ramble about their future relationship now but I won't because - again - I don't want to tie myself down to anything. :D I just love to imagine that they actually pull through this first official date before they do ANYTHING else. Like "Okay... we kind of like each other more than normal friends do, let's go on a date!" ... sometimes, I just like it classy and old-fashioned! 8D

It's only a thought, though. :3


  1. Awwww. :D We can haz Zombie date? <3333

  2. Of course! <333 Screw flowers 'n shit. ZOMBIES guarantee a successful date. ANYTIME! 8D