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odd couples are the best

Well, actually, James and Holly aren't a couple but I admit that I am quite obsessed with their dynamic lately and I MAY have been thinking about them a LOT more than it's actually healthy. So... well... just some doodles about them. There will be even more, I guess.

Some general, shitty traditional media doodles 8D
From top to bottom:

- Holly threatening a person with a wooden spoon.

- Holly snatched James' glasses from him and is quite surprised about how bad his eyesight really is.

- The two of them in casual outfits.

- Charlie being tactless and WAY too curious. xD

Remember my New Years drawing? Well, I've attended the party in my mind and came up with this thing here...
James is totally drinking "Foster's", by the way. Not only because he's Australian but also because it's one of MY favourites. Besides Astra Rotlicht. 8D

Aaaaand a little portrait of James, looking all cute and harmless, at least to most people. I know about the little wars in his head, though, so he can't fool me. 8D

Why is the blogspot HTML soooo complicated now? It used to be easier. o_O


  1. Haha, that's brilliant: Foster's is my dad's fave brand as well, I grew up thinking that was THE beer and was shocked at about 6 when I realised there were other kinds.

    New HTML is nifty, although the pic of Charlie disappeared! These are so good, lovely. <3

  2. OMG, you found this thing here! 8D Sooooo glad, my love, sooo glad! :3

    Yeah, I don't know why the pic suddenly disappeared. D: Need to fix that when I'm not lazy anymore! 8D