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some pictures...

... before going to bed.

Oops. I've kind of forgotten that I own this thing here, lol. Too busy with DeviantArt and my LiveJournal, I guess. 8D

BUT. I'm "back", with some drawn crap. Not for YOU, actually, but for ME. But you can have a look at it, too. 8D *cough*

First of all, a true masterpiece. Because Phil aka =MrPuddleduck stated in one of her comments, that Kieran has been born with sunglasses.

We stay in Ireland for one more minute and witness grown-up Kieran and his older brother Malachy being badass chainsmokers. BECAUSE THEY CAN! C: I'd say more to all of this but I already wrote some sort of a novel on that over at DeviantArt and I really hate repeating myself. xD
The Streets are Ours (Inspired by a song from "The King Blues". :D )

Another song-inspired drawing, featuring Charlie this time.

Then, there's Holly, being her cute self and biting her lip.

Sometimes, I think about my characters as kids and how they react to kids as grown-ups. And there's one thing I just can't deny or change or WHATEVER...
James is SO NOT A DAD!
Seriously. No. Just no. He hates kids. Well... not "hates"... he strongly dislikes them. He wants them to be treated well and certainly wouldn't harm them but they're really not his cup of tea. Absolutely NOT. 8|

More kid-themed sketches... klick!
That's not Kieran's own kid on his shoulders, btw. He just borrowed one of his nephews to cause some mischief. Because - believe it or not - he IS a dad. :D Not now, not in the next few years but I can totally imagine it. Just make Charlie like you already and you can have your own family, boy.

And ... the last one for this evening... another poor comic thingy.

About hookers and pimps....

This is actually some sort of a prequel to an awesome thing Phil gave me for my birthday. 8D So... consider this here as PART 2 of the story! xD

Ugh. Tired. Sorry for bothering you! 8D


  1. Kieran's Mum kinda looks like Charlie. :D

    Oh and the Get Happy pic is really cheering me up. Not that I need to be right now, but it gets me from happy to enthusiastic. :D

  2. That's pure coincidende. This is just a sketch and both of them are not supposed to look alike at all. :D

    Haha, glad it does. :D

  3. Are you sure? Maybe here's some time travelling thing going on. U know like in Futurama: Fry is his own Grandpa. :o :D

  4. Good Lord, no! XD :D No time travelling. She'll be his wife one day and that would be just weird. xD